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We aim to provide a versatile platform that empowers learners with efficient time-saving tools, an enrichment hub, and a collaborative support system, enabling them to thrive academically and pursue their educational goals with passion and confidence.

The Problem

  • Are you tired of wasting time in class with ineffective materials and limited support, longing for a more time-efficient and enriched learning journey both inside and outside the classroom? Imagine having resources at your fingertips to support you, whether you're a struggling student seeking help or someone striving for academic excellence. Welcome to Eduvance, your ultimate learning ecosystem, made for students by students.


​​Our main differentiator is that we combine these with student to student collaboration features where students can support each other through mentoring and study material sharing, all together in a sleek user interface that requires minimal effort to navigate.

Meet the Team

Meet the developer of Eduvance!

Shyla Awasthi


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